Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TapOnAir?

    TapOnAir is a search engine to conveniently search anything around you or in the entire city.

  2. What can I use TapOnAir for?

    You can search and discover local shops, products, businesses, services, events, sales, places and entertainment spots in your city.

  3. Which local businesses can I tap and chat using TapOnAir?

    We enable chatting only with the verified merchants. TapOnAir has a growing list of businesses who are joining everyday, list includes services from pest control to Wedding Decorators to products from Electronic shops in your locality.

  4. Where is TapOnAir currently available?

    TapOnAir is currently available in Pune. But very soon we will reach others parts of the country to serve you.

  5. How much is it charged to chat with the businesses?

    TapOnAir is completely free to get quotes and chat with the local Businesses.

  6. I am a local business owner, how can I add my business to TapOnAir?

    You can claim or create your business at